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Living out the Gospel through Community


Soma Community Church is a Christ centered church. Scripture teaches that Christ is the head of the church and should be presented as preeminent. As a body, we seek to honor our Lord Jesus through the faithful teaching of Scripture and its application in our lives.


Soma Community Church is a church centered around community. Soma is a Greek word which means body. Just as Christ is the head of the church, we too are the body and should exist in communion with one another as we seek to spur one another on to love and good works. As a body, we seek to exist in community with one another and to be involved in one another’s lives.


Soma Community Church is a church which values Christ’s Commission. Before ascending to the Father, Christ exhorted his followers to go and make the good news of the Gospel known to all man. As a body of Christ followers, we seek to emulate this commission in our own lives by bringing the good news of the gospel to the lost so that they too might come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Recent Sermons


Isaiah 24 | Isaiah 24

Isaiah 24 through 27 talk about a City destroyed and a City established. Chapter 24 teaches us about this City destroyed and it refers to the outside world. We will see this message God spoke through His servant Isaiah.  This sermon was delivered Sunday, May 2,...

Isaiah 23:1-18 | A Vision of Tyre and Sidon

Isaiah has a vision for Tyre and Sidon, they will suffer destruction. The ships of Tarshish and Cyprus and their merchants cry out. Isaiah warns the inhabitants to flee. This sermon was delivered on April 25, 2021

Isaiah 22:1-25 | A Vision of Jerusalem, the House of the Forest, and Shebna the Servant

Isaiah weeps for Jerusalem, the Valley of Vision. Jerusalem will suffer destruction, and when the courageous reach for the weapons in the House of the Forest they shall fail. The breaches in the wall of the city are too many. The story of Shebna the steward and...

Isaiah 21 | The Fall of Babylon and Other Oracles

We have finished the first round of Oracles in Chapters 13-20 that assured us the World is In God's hands. Now we will look at some Oracles that speak to Judgement. This sermon was delivered on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

Isaiah 20:1-6 | A Portent Against Egypt and Kush

Sargon, the Emperor of Assyria, sends his commander against Ashdod. Isaiah is commanded to walk without a garment as a a sign of humiliation against Egypt and Kush.

Isaiah 19:16-25 | All The Lord’s People

Bitter enemies will be family and worship the only true Savior, in that Day. This sermon was delivered on Sunday, March 14, 2021.

Isaiah 19:1-15 | An Oracle Vision Against Egypt

The LORD rides swiftly on the clouds against Egypt. The idols tremble as Egypt’s heart melts. They shall serve a hard master, their waters shall dry up. Egypt is confused with nothing to do. This sermon was delivered on Sunday, March 7, 2021

Isaiah 17-18 | Judgement Coming to The Northern Tribes and Ethiopia

We continue this week in this section of Isaiah that covers the Judgement on the nation's that surround Jerusalem. This week is the Northern 10 Tribes and Ethiopia. This sermon was delivered on Sunday, February 28, 2020.