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2340 W Ave J-8
Lancaster, Ca 93536

Living out the Gospel through Community


Soma Community Church is a Christ centered church. Scripture teaches that Christ is the head of the church and should be presented as preeminent. As a body, we seek to honor our Lord Jesus through the faithful teaching of Scripture and its application in our lives.


Soma Community Church is a church centered around community. Soma is a Greek word which means body. Just as Christ is the head of the church, we too are the body and should exist in communion with one another as we seek to spur one another on to love and good works. As a body, we seek to exist in community with one another and to be involved in one another’s lives.


Soma Community Church is a church which values Christ’s Commission. Before ascending to the Father, Christ exhorted his followers to go and make the good news of the Gospel known to all man. As a body of Christ followers, we seek to emulate this commission in our own lives by bringing the good news of the gospel to the lost so that they too might come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Recent Sermons


Isaiah 47:1-15 | The Quick Destruction of Babylon

We saw the Conqueror, God, went before to destroy Babylon. Now we will see in today's passage why God had Babylon quickly and decisively conquered.

Isaiah 46:1-13 | The One True God, Our Savior

The idol does not move, it does not answer. I am GOD, there is none like me. I bring near my righteousness and my salvation will not delay.

Isaiah 45:9-25 | The Sovereignty of God, Our Only Savior

Woe to those who strive against the LORD! He created the Earth and man on it. You are the God who hides His mysteries. And Israel is saved by the LORD with everlasting salvation!

Isaiah 44:24-45:8 | Our God Will Deliver

We looked at God redeeming His people through Jesus Christ. Now God is promising deliverance.

Isaiah 44:1-23 | Redemption of Israel

We will finish the promise God makes to His people that despite their unfaithfulness and promised exile, He will ultimately redeem them.  

Isaiah 43:8-28 | The Lord Our Only Savior!

I am the LORD and beside me, there is no savior! I am the LORD the Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King! I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake and I will not remember your sins...

Isaiah 42:10-43:7 | Sing To The Lord A New Song-Israel‘s Only Salvation!

Sing to the Lord a new song! Shout from the tops of the mountains! The Lord is pleased for righteousness sake and for the Law to make them glorious! I am the Lord your God, and beside me, there is no savior!

Isaiah 41:21-42:9 | God Is The Ruler Of The World Pt 2

The courtroom scene continues. The Prosecution has rested and man's idols are asked to speak in their defense.

Isaiah 41:1-20 | God Is The Ruler Of The World Pt 1

God brings the nations into a courtroom scene and He has an issue to be settled.

Isaiah 40:9-31 | The Greatness of God

Isaiah calls out with song the greatness of God! From the highest mountain, the people of God lift praise with loud voices! God uses questions to proclaim His greatness to all the people! The Lord is everlasting God! To the ends of the universe and beyond! God’s...